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Bicycle Suspension Service

by Collette Machine and Tool

Please Book service via the contact at bottom of page for fastest turnaround.

Greetings, Please Read First


All shop hours are appointment only. Local dropoff and pickup both will need to be scheduled. Installation and removal from a complete bicycle will add $10-$50.


For shipping, we only accept UPS and using a standard bicycle fork box. Any packages sent US postal will be declined. Please do not send gun cases, giant ski cases, bags, or anything except a regular size box sent UPS. Wrap the shock well with multiple layers of padding. Just send a message on the contact page so your package is expected and scheduled. You can make an appointment for same day service in advance. 


All estimates assume service and standard overhaul. Repairs and damaged parts will add time and cost. Any remote lockout fork or shock will add $20-$40 extra. Any shock specific to a manufacturer will add $20+ in most cases. Your estimate is dependent on telling us the product being sent in. Unfortunately if you schedule service for one product, and then send something different, it can affect time and cost. We are not accepting Cannondale or Scott products for service at this time. Trek services are available, but will not fall on our normal timeline.  



Comprehensive service for forks and shocks

When you cross the line from maintenance to repair

Services and unusual repairs in town only


259 North Broad St.

Unit 3

Brevard, North Carolina 28712


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