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Standard Fork Overhaul


A standard fork overhaul for Fox and Rock Shox forks. The fork will be disassembled with settings recorded. After a thorough cleaning and service for the damper and spring assemblies, fork will be reassembled with factory dust wipers and oil. 

Sealed dampers will receive a vacuum bleed using fully synthetic fluid. Air spring assemblies will get a superior, suspension compatible grease and an upgraded piston seal. Forks no longer supported by factory parts may require different levels of service, however we can still support most older models. 

If you are interested in a travel change this is the time. Most volume and damper tuning can be handled at no additional charge. Remote lockout will add minimum of $20. Please contact us with any questions.


Standard Shock Overhaul


The standard overhaul for Fox and Rock Shox rear suspension. Fully cleaned and rebuilt with a vacuum bled damper and nitrogen fill. This is a comprehensive annual service to keep parts from degrading. Brand specific shocks from Trek and Specialized will also be higher. Remote lockout product will add minimum of $20. 

Service available for most other brands, please contact us with any questions. 

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